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  • Jamie Campbell


Updated: Dec 1, 2019

We're stoked! Last night we won our first Addy award for the video work we did with Live Baltimore. This series, Way to Stay, is particularly meaningful to us because it focuses on thriving families who have made the choice to stay in Baltimore City and raise their kids. We've got a real soft spot for our home city and love showing the positive side of an often negative story.

The video that won the silver is about Federal Hill Prep and the families that come together on their journey to school. Some ride bikes, some scooter, some walk, but they all do it together. This unifying event is so powerful and important—not just visually, but to the fabric of the community. This act of morning migration to school is a simple yet beautiful way to bring people together, strengthen a city and really open up a child's worldview.

Congrats to our incredible crew and our client Live Baltimore for a fine example of skilled craft, trust and team work and thanks to the AAF for recognizing us!

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