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  • Jamie Campbell


Anyone who is in a visually creative line of work has a general understanding that the stuff that inspires us and what we live and breathe at work will only naturally flow to the home and vice versa. Otherwise, we are lying to ourselves and cheating on our design consciousness everyday—right? Design and style is our life and it's a

gift when the two—work and life can meet and be great friends. Our home—the one Drury and I have shared for the past nine plus years has been a true reflection of not only our creative consciousness but also our collaboration as collectors, stylists, artists and filmmakers so we were deeply honored when author, plant guru and friend Hilton Carter asked us to be featured in his first book Wild At Home. Hilton's appreciation for our home and aesthetic had me a little teary eyed...

'There aren't many people in my life who have a home that can make me feel as relaxed and at peace as my own, but Jamie and Drury have found a way to do just that...'

-Hilton Carter, Wild At Home

Attention to detail and an honest love of home are the things that ground me as a stylist. Hilton has captured the essence of what makes our home special and keeps us inspired. Below are a few pages from the book. If you haven't picked up your own copy, do it now.

Thanks Hilton!


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