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We’re hospitality junkies, so food, drink, humor, and style is where we meet people.

If you’re going to make a living in video production, or as any kind of independent creative, you certainly have to desire flavor. You have to crave nuance. You have to understand that inspiration pairs best with unexpected surprise. 


We were already married when Shine Creative materialized to become what it is today—we just hadn’t recognized the potency of mixing our talents in directing and producing. We’ve accomplished a lot with this blend by relentlessly chewing to the pit for our best ideas, but mostly by maintaining a breathtaking vision of how we want to live.


How we want to do business.

How we want our clients to feel—not catered to.

Invited to sit down and have the needs they didn’t know they had met at our table and on our set.


In short what we’re saying is, we make a superb cocktail. Literal. Figurative. And molotov.


From small studio projects to large-scale productions on location—internationally and stateside, we come with each other and we bring our everything. Everything we know. Everything we’ve done. The very imagination that sustains us, saves us, and always emboldens us to create the kind of work that ultimately connects us all.


Drury Bynum, Principal/Director + Creative Director

Formally trained as a narrative painter at MICA + Bowling Green University, Drury learned the techniques of the masters—composition, lighting and visual storytelling—that he has translated into the language of film and design. After years of study and exhibition, Drury migrated his visual talent into the realm of video. In the last twelve years, he has amassed extensive production experience including work as DP, Director, Principal Camera and Editor. Today, Drury leads our award winning crew into exciting new depths with branded content marketing and continued excellence in creative video.


Jamie Campbell, Partner/Executive Producer/Art Director

After a decade and a half of working for others in design, marketing, writing and concept, Jamie decided to take a leap of faith (and her set of skills/background in advertising, film, client relations and sales) and build a video business with her husband Drury Bynum. Her passion for graphic and interior design, fashion and film remains at her roots and informs not only the art direction and concepts for video, but also for the Shine brand.  She has developed and produced countless video projects, large and small. Her magic is creating a cozy set and happy crew.