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  • Jamie Campbell


Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Our new happy place.

We can't think of a better way to begin a new year and new decade than with some good old fashioned press. Thanks Baltimore Magazine for recognizing our new humble and happy bungalow studio in the first issue of the year and the new decade! The issue's theme is 'Baltimore the Beautiful, A Tribute to One of America's Greatest Architecture Cities,' so to be featured in this issue is an incredible honor.

Wait, what? You moved?

So, let's back up for a second. With the exception of a few vague instagram posts, we have not really officially announced our move to the Arcadia neighborhood, but we actually migrated our studio to the 'Juneau Bungalow' (named after our street) this past March. It was a tough, cold, winter and for some reason we decided to do the move on our own because we are nuts like that! But what that did was really make us take stock in what we have that was working for us and letting go of what wasn't working. I highly recommend it.

We have been getting a lot of questions regarding our new workplace, so I'll cut to the chase with this little selfie Q&A...

Why did we move?

We had been renting our current space, an 1100 sqft loft style space in Clipper Mill for almost ten years and while we loved it there, 1) we were renting and 2) we really wanted a real, dedicated, kitchen space for not just everyday life, but for the projects of our increasing base of housewares, styling and food clients. Our Clipper Mill space was pretty sweet—soaring windows in an airy space, exposed brick with a mantel and around the corner from Woodberry Kitchen! But. High on our 2019 wishlist was to stop renting and try to buy something that would be financially lateral yet life changing and inspiring. When we walked into our Juneau Place bungalow last winter, we knew we had found it.

Goodbye sweet studio. You were a friend 'til the end.

Why Juneau?

When we began our search we had been really inspired by all the bungalows we'd spied in LA over the years. We dreamed of #porchlife and big windows, craftsman details and a cozy, efficient space with a yard. I was also super inspired by the lifestyle blogger Camille Styles and what she did with moving her company into a renovated old bungalow in Austin. (I want that!) So what first excited us were the two giant magnolia trees in the front yard. Second, the big front porch. Being perched at the top of the street, we have a nice little view from there and I could see us working and perching for sure... The first thing we noticed once inside the house was how wide and open it felt—it was definitely a footprint that was very different than a typical Baltimore row home and the renovation was really lightweight, so all the wood floor details and mouldings were still intact and dreamy. Lastly, with a 'Baltimore-bargain real estate' price tag (yes, they do still exist!), it was love at first sight.

Hello front porch! Hello magnolias! This house is 100 years young btw...
The one thing that makes this dining room a conference room is the giant printer hidden in the corner.
Good vibes from Day 1.

Do you live there?

We do not live here! We may someday, but for right now, we wanted a space to keep work separate from home life. As a husband and wife team, if we ran our business out of our house we 1) probably wouldn't have a business and 2) not be married So our goal with this house/studio is that we would use it to work everyday and also as a location for video shoots that would require home locations. So far, it's worked out.

We love it when a plan comes together.

A still from the 2019 holiday video shoot for Framebridge in our foyer.

Stay tuned for more stories from the #JuneauBungalow!

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