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  • Drury Bynum


Updated: Dec 1, 2019

Every brand is built from the belief that something can be done better. We all want to change the world, for better or for worse. For some companies, that passion lives in their culture and sometimes finds its way to the customers, and they go,

“Oh! This brand really gets me.”

For example: 'I’m Brand X and I make wireless charging solutions. I see a world where people are free to navigate their lives without the hassle of recharging their devices. My product solves a technical problem, but more importantly, it addresses a human emotional need. I am not in the wireless charging business. I am in the business of helping people live connected and stress-free.'

This is how you create emotionally-driven video content.

You focus on the greater emotional needs that you solve for your customers.

Let them tell you how your product, or service, or software as a service or widget or whatever fits into their lives. Let them tell their stories about it. Let them show your brand in the context of real human experience. With this Kwikset video, we told the story not of locks, but of a design duo's journey which involved beautiful Kwikset hardware that made the results of their work better and therefore, their life is better. We've made a direct connection to improving life quality to brand because the focus is on the couple, their process and how they use the product, but not just features and benefits of Kwikset locks.

With this style of video, we avoid the kiss of death 'brochure video' which sucks the life and creativity out of any marketing effort because no one wants to be sold to.

Here's the real deal: When people watch your video they identify with your customer on the screen. Why? Because they see themselves in your customer. Because they also need to feel secure and stress-free. This connection invites them into the story because they think, “Oh, This brand really gets me.”


  1. Identify what human emotional need your brand solves

  2. Let your customer tell stories about how you solved their human need

  3. Let your audience connect with that customer and share their experience.

Would like to know more about how video storytelling can create love and affinity for your brand? Contact us

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