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  • Drury Bynum


Updated: Dec 16, 2019


Capturing people's imaginations is not easy. The good stuff happens in our cortex when something deep inside us is stirred—a yearning that is suddenly animated by possibility.

To get that deep we need to connect emotionally because as humans, we are motivated by needs that compel us towards our best and worst behaviors. In The First Rule of (Brand) Storytelling, I explained that these motivations are the keys to gaining our attention. When we watch a video, for instance, we only commit to the story once we identify with an emotional need being portrayed on the screen.

That brings us to the Second Rule of Brand Storytelling.

Currently, every product or service has one very important thing in common—the customer. And those customers also have one thing in common—you, the brand. In that commonality, a community is born so by every means, you should be doing everything you can to share your customer's stories among your community. This type of storytelling is the best way to integrate your brand authentically into the context of human experience. This is when you really start blowing minds and winning hearts.

So. Second Rule! Make your customer the hero of your story and tell your audience that what they care about is what you care about.

You’ll create a shift in their mind that says, “this brand really gets me.”

Your customer's perspective is the key. When the solution you provide is shown solving one of their emotional needs, like the need to stand out, or the need to feel secure, they will speak about you using the highest form of brand currency–authenticity.

Having your customers talk about themselves and how you've solved their emotional need is priceless.

Our client Paymo wanted to connect to more creative entrepreneurs out there who were probably looking for affordable and uncomplicated accounting and tracking solutions, so we created a story about their real customers Pixel Parlor in Philadelphia. This 360 look at their life as creatives, business owners, partners and parents generated a full picture that is relatable to anyone who shares an emotional need for peace of mind through better planning and organization.

For brands, using customer stories to connect with audiences is a powerful way to generate trust and loyalty with your audience. The sincere voice of your customer sends a clear message that the lifeblood of the company lives in the people who believe in you enough to buy from you. You’re telling the world that your customer is your hero.

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