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  • Jamie Campbell


Updated: May 31

This morning the digital media insider Digiday reported that the Covid-19/Corona Virus has already had a serious impact on production companies big and small everywhere. Planned productions are being cancelled or postponed and many companies are working with skeleton crews and essential employees for the next few weeks while the virus is being contained.

The domino effect of this virus on the production world is astounding. Not only does it affect the production company itself, but everyone who is hired or sourced—crew, catering, gear rentals, location rentals, etc... and the effect of loss only radiates outward from there.

The client is also affected but in different ways. Their marketing schedule has now been completely shifted. Their needs that were at once critical are now sidelined and postponed or cancelled all together. The planned promotion of their product or service or app or whatever they need to put out in the universe has suddenly come to a grinding halt.

But. This doesn't have to mean it's the end.

The fate of everyone in this microcosm of production relies on a few things right now. We need steady and safe operation, scaling down and working in a nimble and resourceful way, and the ability to pivot and keep operations going without going completely belly up.

We're ready to scale, work safe and stay the course.

Operating Steady and Safe

It's important for us to keep our crew, client and ourselves healthy during this time. We are dedicated to operating in a safe manner with particular attention on hand washing, sanitizing equipment and keeping the set free of anyone who might be infected. A conscious crew is a healthy one.

Scaling Down, Working Nimble

Right now, the days of the big crew and extraneous people milling about with questionable job titles is over. For now. Having the ability to operate with less is vital to keeping this ball rolling. We have had more experience than we'd like (to be honest) working with less and we will wear as many hats on set necessary to make the thing we need to make. Luckily, we've got the skills, the gear and the set on hand—and we know how to make it work.

Pivot. Adapt. Move on.

During this time we will all need to take deep breaths. Be grateful we are still alive and healthy. Be kind. Considerate. Human. If we need to change our business model or create new products in light of this new Covid-19 economy, we should. We all need to be proactive and think about how we can still communicate effectively, continue our businesses and survive—not just hope things get better.

Here at Shine, we are doing just that. If you'd like to talk to us about how we can help you communicate effectively during this time, email us:

Stay healthy, be safe and love each other. -Jamie & Dru,


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