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  • Jamie Campbell


Our own personal journey with food and drink has lead to a business of creating videos about our favorite subjects—food and drink, so it's especially fun to be featured in this month's 'In the Kitchen With' in Baltimore Magazine. When they asked us to do the story, we told them 'our kitchen's not fancy and I'll probably make my go-to roast chicken.' They said 'perfect.' Now, that's my kind of storytelling!

Thanks Baltimore Magazine for 'shining' a little light on us and letting us share an afternoon and our recipes with you. Read the full article here.

After the article came out, we laughed because someone told us we looked like Chip & Joanna Gaines. I googled them and this pic came up of these two in their much fancier white kitchen...LOL.

Don't be fooled! That's not us.

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