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Carry Your Stories

A life changing bag.

Treason Toting Co. are Aaron Jones & Jason Bass. They design and make incredibly hand crafted and classic totes in Baltimore City. Their inspiring story of struggle, creation, production and distribution is the new American Dream realized. They needed to tell their brand story in a fresh way that felt like 'them,' so we developed the concept and story through our process. We had a great time getting to know these guys, spending a lot of time together and capturing the spirit of Treason.

Since this video's launch, it's been a whirlwind for them. They were 'discovered' by Kevin Plank (Under Armour) and his team at Sagamore and City Garage. They were chosen as recipients of an angel investment with enough capital to grow the company and manufacture in a very big way. We are super proud of these guys as we continue to watch them grow.

the deliverables

One long format, 3:00 video

One short format teaser for web and social channels

A series of photography stills for print, web use


As we got to know Aaron and Jason, we found their story lived in several places. It was on the streets of Baltimore, it was in the bar, it was in the factory. The guys had a 'studio everywhere' mentality that allowed them the freedom to be creative and productive anywhere. This gave us key identifiers of place as well as a rich backdrop. Welcome to their world...