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Power in Pink

Stories that change lives.

Big brands can go two ways. They can operate in a vacuum and hope to sell lots of widgets, or they can work in service to the people for whom they provide and also to the world for the greater good. If we were a big brand, we'd take our super powers and do the latter, because, why not?

This is why we jump at every chance to tell these stories for brands like Under Armour.  

Power in Pink is not about selling t-shirts, but about sharing stories of breast cancer survival that inspire. It's about committing to a charity and a culture that is meaningful and giving 100% to its success. We are proud of this work and proud of Under Armour for their continued support of this incredible charity.

the deliverables

Three long format videos

and three short for web and social channels

Under Armour: Power in Pink

Under Armour: Power in Pink

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