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My Maryland Story

Every cocktail has a story.

When Sagamore Rye hit the market, it had a little bit of help in the form of Under Armour's founder and chief Kevin Plank. This whiskey is his baby—even the water that goes into the rye comes from the spring at his horse farm in Maryland. To say this project is personal is an understatement, and the typical macho whiskey tropes were not what the client was looking for. They wanted something personal and something meaningful, not just to Kevin, but to his home state Maryland.  

We helped the Sagamore team shape this project into a series of stories that would connect the whiskey to the drink to the person and their story to the culture. These three stories weren't just random archetypes that fulfilled a marketing diversity checklist, these folks truly embodied the spirit of Sagamore.


With tight perimeters of time, location and budget, we crafted together an experience that was fun and engaging.

the deliverables

Three long format videos for landing pages and social networks.


Six short format :30's and :15's for promo teasers

Sagamore Spirit: My Maryland

Sagamore Spirit: My Maryland

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