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Spring Fed Maryland Spirit

Taking rye back to Maryland.

Maryland has a new distillery and it's a doozy. Sagamore Rye, the whiskey baby of Kevin Plank (Under Armour) began production a few years ago and as it began to grow, building the distillery was on the grand list of 'to do's' for the company. On the edge of Baltimore City, Sagamore Distillery is a welcome presence of manufacturing, jobs and activity where there was once nothing but boggy land and brackish water. As they were getting ready to open they needed to finalize buy-in from the city and at the same time share the story of the distillery with the public.

The story they wanted to tell was not just about the new building (it's beautiful), but the historical importance of bringing rye back to Maryland (it's cool!), the Sagamore team culture and the race to the finish.


It's a great American business story and we were thrilled to capture it.

the deliverables

One long format videos for landing page and presentation


One short format :30 for promo teaser

Sagamore: Spring Fed Maryland Spirit

Sagamore: Spring Fed Maryland Spirit

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