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Our Director Drury Bynum and Producer Jamie Campbell started by interviewing a few key team members of Racktop to uncover client pain points. Drury also did countless hours of research on actual situations in the world of cyber security and found some pretty fascinating scenarios. From there he developed the idea for Data and the scripts. 


Lucky for us Racktop hopped on board and went for it. Bravery in marketing sometimes means doing something you've never seen before. This is certainly that.

Our client Racktop was looking for a few things. They wanted content that would position them as thought leaders in the world of cyber-convergence. They wanted content that would set them apart from their competitors. They wanted content that would address the pain of their clients. They wanted funny. Whhhuuutt.


How on earth do you make 'cyber-convergence' funny?  

Five stories.

Ten pieces of content:

Five long format videos for web

Five shorter cuts for

social networks.

the deliverables

How do you make funny?

Racktop: It's Your Data

Racktop: It's Your Data

275K+ views on Facebook alone and counting. Stats and performance are still being collected...

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