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R. House

Chef Story

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When they began the project, they knew they needed some kind of promotion—one, to gain buy-in from the neighborhood and two, to gain traction with news media in Baltimore and beyond. The biggest challenge we had was R.House was just breaking ground and we had no space to show. The other challenge is that not all of the chefs were on board when we began production, so it we had to get creative. 

Watch the case study at the bottom of the page to see what we did—and how we did.

R. House started as just a blip of an idea in the brain of Thibault Manekin. Thibault is a visionary developer in Baltimore and when we say 'developer' we say that with a little d. Don't get us wrong, he's big time, but his style of developing Baltimore is one that lacks the ego of typical 'Developers'. He's one of the good guys who takes old beautiful derelict buildings and turns them into new beautiful useful spaces that serve the greater good. Baltimore is better because of him and his company Seawall Development. 

Ten :15-:20 videos for web use, social media and PR Hits

the deliverables

Food brings us all together.

R. House

R. House

Our journey as filmmakers and video production entrepreneurs continues to bring us an interesting set of challenges for every new project. Sometimes, the challenge begins at the beginning--or before the beginning in this case. At the onset, the client had serious reluctance about the effectiveness of brand video. It was hard for him to imagine creating emotion, connection and genuine feeling in less than 30 seconds.

Also, without a space to shoot or their chefs yet lined up, the challenge got even harder. Luckily, he had a team behind him who pushed for video and in the end, we were all happy. 

Watch the case study video and see how we overcame a series of obstacles and creatively gave the client something original and fresh. 

Case Study: R. House

Case Study: R. House

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