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The heart of the kitchen is its people

The power of a real camera!

​Instagram is awesome and our iPhones have given us the ability to take amazing photos of our food. There's no argument over which gives us better images—a 35mm DSLR with interchangeable lenses or um, a phone, but all too often pros in the food industry settle for less than amazing because of cost or time. So it was a great honor that one of our favorite restaurants in Baltimore hired us to do their stills and do them right.

Pen & Quill naturally had all the things that make a photographer very happy. Natural light, great looking staff, beautiful food and perfectly time-worn kitchen supplies.  


The food comes fresh daily from nearby farms and suppliers which makes P&Q even more inspiring. Their beautiful new site below was created by our super talented friends at Drexler

the deliverables

A series of beautifully styled photos for use on website and social media