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Two seasons of content:

Twelve long format videos for web, microsite and social networks.


Twelve short format for pre-roll


Still Photography



We worked with JD to come up with seasonal food pairings along with branded original cocktails. The pairings were guided by seasonal inspiration and together, we worked with Maureen and JD to develop storylines, art direction and menus. The styling and location were critical to the project. Shine developed the art direction with oue style team to source and style everything for set design and table top. For Season 2 we also worked closely with influencer and stylist Judy Kim (@thejudylab) on the food styling and still photography. 

This project landed squarely in our wheelhouse; cocktails, delicious food and entertaining in style. We were excited when Jack Daniel's approached us with the desire to create an entertaining series with Maureen Petrosky. 


The client objective was to drive awareness among female consumers through new Jack Single Barrel winter/holiday entertaining content and to use short-form pre-roll to drive users to watch the full videos.


Women love whiskey.

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel: Savor + Share Series

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel: Savor + Share Series

in brand awareness. YouTube “Best in class” vs benchmark

in purchase intent. YouTube “Best in class” vs benchmark

Based on the above awareness and purchase intent lift, YouTube calculates that an incremental 34,000 will likely purchase JDSB next time they buy in the category, and an incremental 49,000 people are now aware of the brand who were previously unaware.

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