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Moving Projects Forward

Making a video about ourselves wasn't as easy as we thought it would be. We have really honed in our skills as storytellers and finding the heartbeat of other companies and brands, but doing that to ourselves was like getting a psycho-analysis in the mirror. In the end, we love this little story and seeing our team in this fun ray of light and the client liked it so much, they had us make another one of Pixel Parlor, a design firm in Fishtown, PA. 

We had the tables turned on us recently with the new found task of creating a video about ourselves for our client Paymo. They are this awesome little company doing big things in the online project management space and we love using this tool everyday to execute tasks, generate invoices and manage time. It's a one stop shop in time and money management—a godsend in the creative world. This video serves as a testimonial to their role in our business—basically we couldn't function without them—as well as tells a fun story about a burgeoning creative mom and pop shop... See how they worked this video into the campaign and their website here.

Two long format videos for

Youtube and promo

the deliverables

Creatives need help sometimes.

Paymo: Moving Forward Series

Paymo: Moving Forward Series

Paymo contributes a favorable shift with creative companies and small businesses to the video's portrayal of the product and service. Showed significant increase in conversion and brand awareness.

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