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Where Ideas are Made

What is a Maker Space?

Open Works began as an empty shell in a neighborhood known for its open air drug trade and boarded up buildings. The project was insanely ambitious and when they approached us to make a video, they had only the idea, the architectural drawings and the funding.


How do you show a space without the space?

Since there are so many offerings available at Open Works to different types of fabrication, we decided to focus on the people it would affect the most—the end user. Each maker has a different motivation and need, so each mini 'story' shows the desire and the behavior.


It's fun to see the difference in the space when we made the video and the actual end result. It's truly an incredible place.

the deliverable

One long format video for web and presentation (2:30)

"Jamie, Drury and the whole Shine Creative team did a superb job in tight circumstances: a compressed schedule, multiple community partners, and a complex story. The finished piece has been a huge help in promoting our project."


- Will Holman, General Manager, Open Works



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