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The B-Side of


We just wanna dance!

The good folks at Visit Baltimore approached us with the desire to create something that would show the 'quirky' side of Charm City. As long time residents, we were a little over the clichés of crabs, 'hons' and even John Waters, but we really kind of had to show some of these things, because they actually are historically the fabric of the city.


So we set out to do it in a whole new way, hon.

What we knew right away was that we wanted to make a dance video, and wanted to show significant odd ball landmarks, but we also had to comply with a few client requests, so what we ended up with were a local dance troupe, dancing choreographed numbers to an original score made for this project in front of a side of Baltimore that maybe some haven't seen yet. This is the B-Side of Baltimore...

the deliverables

One 1:00 video for social channels

and one :30 for preroll and teasers

Hey Baltimore! Let's Dance

Hey Baltimore! Let's Dance

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