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The Roadmap to Success

To stay ahead, you need to keep moving.

Bob Bierman literally does not stop moving. As the subject of our video for Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse, we learned pretty quickly after a day of following him, that our story was about momentum. After a certain age, especially in competitive fields like communications, if you don't stay ahead of the pack, you'll get left behind. 

Bob's story starts in DC at his job at the Washington Post and ends at home in New York City. His daily commute is no joke and a huge part of what makes him unique. His job and career relied on going back to school and staying fresh. His path, his 'roadmap' is marked literally by his footprint throughout the day but also guided by Newhouse. 

the deliverables

One long format 1:30 and one short format :30 for web and pre-roll

Newhouse at Syracuse

Newhouse at Syracuse

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