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Baltimore has been an underdog story for too long. As we come into our own in terms of food, architecture, higher ed, entrepreneurship and art, we hope to see more stories of an inspiring quality of living that exists here. You can do your thing, own your own business, home, have a family, have it all. Spread the word—if you're a creative and are ready for more, Baltimore is now the place to be. 

It's a notion that has proven true for centuries. Where there are creative people, there is life. Creatives are what keep a city's heartbeat thumping and what attract other creatives to want to flock there. Baltimore City is no exception to that idea, so Live Baltimore wanted to share a few stories of some independent creatives who are making it happen for themselves and their community. 

Seven long format videos for web

and social networks.


Four short format for

social promos

Yes, creatives really do live & thrive here!

Live Baltimore: CITY PEOPLE

Live Baltimore: CITY PEOPLE

Kudos to Live Baltimore for taking a bold direction, as the creative risks involved in the execution on these projects was high, involving lots coordination, spontaneity, and trust in us to see the project through. The reward for their courage was expressed by recognition and praise (“blown away...”) from the Mayor and the CEO of public schools after viewing the films. Through press releases, boosted posts on Facebook, placements and ad buys on YouTube and their own site, the response exceeded their expectations. The Executive Director gushed that the spots were “blowing up online!” Watch her experience in the video below.