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The center of Baltimore really is its heart.

When Baltimore ad agency MGH approached us about creating a video that shows the heart and soul of Central Baltimore, we said 'Oh hells yes!' We take great pride in our home city and telling stories about its inhabitants—especially the creative and entrepreneur class—is our jam.


As most are aware, Baltimore has gotten a pretty bad rap in terms of crime. Many people don't realize what a beautiful and thriving city it is because the only thing they know is what they see on the 'The Wire'. 

As citizens of this city, the most important thing we can do is to support our local businesses and bring to light those who are contributing to the betterment of Baltimore—the creatives, the entrepreneurs, the mom and pops. This is key in changing the dialogue.


This video is a call not only for new development in an area of the city that is ripe with potential but also a nod to those who are 'getting it done'. This city is built on local economy and thrives because there is still so much possibility for the little guy. As proponents of the underdog and champions of the creative class, we can't think of a better place to be.

One long format video for web and presentation (3:45)

the deliverable

Explore the Core: Central Baltimore

Explore the Core: Central Baltimore

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