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Specializing in all things home.

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What happens when Covid happens.

This year, to say the least was a few things in terms of video production—'unprecedented,' 'a big sh*t storm,' 'a giant pile of doodoo' and other meme'd hits heard 'round the globe. What does a production company with a married director and producer at the helm do when the work dries up and are stuck at home? We do two things. We make videos and we redecorate. That's exactly what we did with our time when we were all shut down and shut in.

Making the best use of our time and our collective superpowers, we set forth to make projects for ourselves using as much resourcefulness and creativity as possible without breaking the (any) bank. The result was Homesy, a fun look at home and house from a truly DIY/filmmaker perspective. It's always been our nature to pivot pivot pivot, so we wanted to be able to look back at this potentially horrifying time as a moment where we embraced the challenges, withstood the storm and made something good. 



Long & short format series for web & various output

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