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2019 Holiday Campaign

Christmas in October.

We love productions that involve a lot of styling and fun talent. It's the challenge of world building and creating something from nothing that gets us going and this project for Framebridge was no exception. Can we get a real Christmas tree for the set? Sure! Can we make it two? Absolutely. Can we provide home sets for two totally different families and make them look like their real homes? You bet. Can we shoot this in two days with real families? No problem!

This project had us creating five scenes with two real families, two home locations over two days. The sets, the styling, the casting and direction were left to us, and we ran with it. We love how they turned out and enjoyed seeing them over and over and over in the IG and FB feeds this past holiday season. 

Since the client only wanted editable assets, we didn't do a typical edit. Instead we sent them flexible motion and stills assets and they built the final ads in any way they needed. 

Multiple unedited

motion + still assets

for digital + print


the deliverables

Landing page video usage sample

Facebook video ad sample

Instagram video ad sample

Instagram stills ad sample

'Thank you so much—we had an amazing experience as well. We really appreciated the care and work that went into those two days (and all of the prep leading up to it). I wanted to specifically call out how impressed we were with your crew. Everyone on set was so skilled, consistently in-sync, hardworking, smart, and super considerate—it’s clear everyone loves their work.' -Meagan Lilly, Framebridge

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