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The Lost Weekend

It's safe to say the Four Seasons knows a good bit about hospitality. After this project we now know they also know a lot about rooftop pools, lounging in high style, tricked out spas, high thread count and the importance of TVs in the bathroom. 


Our challenges for the pool video were many. How do you shoot a high quality video at a hotel without showing guests (who didn't want to be in the video) and on a budget that couldn't afford a real model or wardrobe? 

Luckily, when we asked our very awesome and very game pal Lane Harlan and her incredible collection of vintage swimwear to join us on the roof for a little swim, nibbles and cocktails, she said yes. She even got her husband Matt to join us. The result was a fantasy getaway in incredible style.

One long format video for web (1:45)

plus a series of hotel videos showing amenities 

the deliverable

Four Seasons Hotel

Four Seasons Hotel

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