Glorious. The Annual Meeting Video

2U, one of the world's fastest growing online education platforms, started out as a small startup with a big idea. They grew slowly and carefully and then bam! They began exponentially growing to become an IPO two years ago and still growing since.

One thing that has helped them grow has been their incredible ability to attract talented people who not only do their jobs well, but they actually care about what they do and who they serve.

And then there's the company meeting.

Every year, for the past four years, 2U has asked us to create a video that usually involves handpicked staff members, a popular song re-worked with '2U lyrics' and a crazy theme propelled by their fearless leader, CEO Chip Paucek.

This video is what kicks off the annual company meeting, which has become a 2-3 day extravaganza taking every single employee with it—all 1600. Two years ago it was Disney World. This year it was New Orleans.

This video is so meaningful to the company, that it has made it to many employees' bucket lists as a career elevating must-do. The passion and genuine joy shown on the faces of the students and employees is clear.

We traveled to LA, NY and DC to shoot over 65 students and employees, who all blend together seamlessly—as is the 2U Experience.


How'd we do it? You'll have to read the blog. Coming soon...

One long format video for web and presentation (5:00)

the deliverable



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