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Black Ink & Sneakers

You think you know yourself.

Caroline Mays, founder of Switchblade Lemonade, challenges everyone with a path they've taken and one they're heading toward to really ask 'do I know myself well enough to write my own bio?'

She writes on her website: 'With aggressive creativity, intelligent observation, and unapologetic audacity, we unleash a truer, bolder, irresistibly compelling bio that sells our work, instead of writing an uninspired, predictable one that notoriously sells us short. Because playing small and doing things everyone else's way was never a reason to show up.'

We were so inspired by her own bio, we thought that it would make an excellent script to tell the story of her company. I mean—isn't that what a brand story should do? 

The script really set the tone for the style and mood of this piece. Handheld tight shots on Caroline were in contrast with the wide open landscapes of the beaches—reminding us that our place in the world is small, yet significant—as is our story.

the deliverables

One long format video for landing page, Youtube. One :30 teaser for social media. One :15 for instagram

Switchblade Lemonade

Switchblade Lemonade

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