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Three Global Dinner Parties

We worked with stylist Giulietta Pinna from Limonata Creative and Chef Kris Vandervander from Gunther. Together we coordinated all three 'parties' in a one day shoot on one location. It was a fun and most delicious challenge and think this one turned out beautifully.

Our task was to create three beautiful dinner parties that felt authentic and fun. We cast a combination of actors and 'real people' to keep it less 'actory' and we made all the food on set as we shot it, so it all looked as fresh as it would at a dinner party. (Our third video is yet to be published so it is not included here.)

Showing + Sharing Delicious.

For the series:

Three long format videos for landing pages and social networks.


Three short format for ads with

various media and social.

the deliverables

McCormick + Co: Three Dinner Parties

McCormick + Co: Three Dinner Parties

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