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Changing the Way We Care

Changing hearts, minds, and how we care.

To create a PSA that outlines the problems with the global orphanage system, our process began early with CRS as we helped them craft the story and the logistics of the shoot. The highest priority was authenticity, so it was important to the CRS team that we experience first hand what life at a Haitian orphanage is really like. We then had to make that experience come to life in more production-friendly Puerto Rico.

From the writer's room to the editing suite, we built this project from the ground up for Catholic Relief Services. We worked with our production partner Nostrom in Puerto Rico with art direction—incredible set designers, scenic painters and prop sourcing, casting, location scouting and crew to create the most authentically driven production imaginable. View the video here on the CRS micro-site.

One long format video for web (1:30)

One short format (:30)



Catholic Relief Services

Catholic Relief Services

Video Performance

$15 million

grant was awarded to CRS from The MacArthur Foundation towards their efforts abroad. Client has credited the video with aiding in the receipt of that support.

According to the client the video has received the most views of any CRS video to date. The buy-in from board members to c-level leadership was astounding.

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