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We created ​the BRIGHT. series as a way for us to tell our own stories that embody the 'Shine Spirit.' They're about the creative class of risk takers, adventurers and dreamers daring to do what they love and forging a unique life that's all their own. 


AMY SHERALD, ARTIST/PAINTER. From Cara Ober of Bmoreart: Amy Sherald’s paintings are immediately arresting, but it’s not just their rich glazes and images of handsome men and women in costume. There’s more to it. Her life-sized portraits glow with an inner light and the eyes have a ‘Mona Lisa’ quality; they solemnly hold your gaze even as you cross the room. Experiencing her work in person is an intensely personal and emotional experience. Featured on

JESSICA SEATON, JEWELRY DESIGNER. Tucked away in the hills of Topanga Canyon lives a vibrant young talent named Jessica Seaton. She strives to live her life authentically as a creative, staying true to her calling and finding it in nature, life, love, heartbreak, death. She has no fear of what she'll find deep within, and her work is a perfect realization of her discovery. Featured on

​DANIEL WYLIE: OWNER, SIXTEEN TONS. Our premiere short is about Daniel Wylie of Baltimore men's shop Sixteen Tons—a renegade retailer who defines the struggle of independence with rugged individualism and honesty.

JAMES HENNESSEY, PAINTER. Part 1 of 2, the second film in Shine Creative's Bright series spotlights painter and retired MICA instructor James Hennessey. Hennessey's paintings are typically large, narrative, atmospheric interiors and landscapes. His passion for painting is undaunted by the years, as is his fascination for history and his bullet-proof memory. A terrific storyteller both on and off the canvas, he takes us on a tour of his process, where imagination happens mostly on the canvas and mistakes are as useful as talent.



JAMES HENNESSEY, PAINTER. Part 2 of 2 and part of the second installment in Shine Creative’s Bright series . In Part One we were introduced to Jim’s method and process of painting, here we take a look at his drawings and multi-media pieces using ink and wash. In this process it’s the paper that really counts.

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