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"When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world." -John Muir


As fashion and film worlds collide ever further, the desire is to create connections between ourselves and objects. This 'fashion film' goes beyond exposition of style and into the deeper meaning of possession and letting go. The spirit bird 'Anhinga' shows us how to delve into the depths of the self, to chase dreams, ambitions and goals whether it be physical or spiritual pursuits. She teaches us ways to spread our wings of possibility and how to fly with timing and precision—but only when our thoughts and strong intentions are in place.


BEHIND THE SCENES >> 'Anhinga' is what happened when a handful of creatives in Baltimore decided to collaborate on a motion/still branded content project based on a few loose ideas involving levitation, a bamboo forest and some cool clothes. Shine Creative's award winning director Drury Bynum and two-time Emmy winning cinematographer John Benam teamed together behind the lens to see what they could create together. 



Credits: Starring: Connor Rasmussen, Rachel Greiner + Naomi Adrianne. Collage Animation: Drury Bynum. Music: 'Reichous' by Max Bent. Still photographer: John Davis. Story by Jamie Campbell + Drury Bynum. Clothing styled by Pam Haner + pulled from Hunting Ground. Hair + Makeup: Jamaya Moore. Producers: Jamie Campbell, Melissa Kirby + Alexis Green for Shine Creative. PA: Reed Ratynski + Ashley Woodall. Shot on location in Baltimore, MD.

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