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Your customer story is your currency. Use it.

Case Study Videos let your audience see and hear from their peers exactly how much they love you.

A trusted friend is the holy grail of advertising.


what is a case study video?

Through story, you highlight the problem you solve for customers and show how your product or service improves their lives.

Putting your customers on screen is a powerful way to attach a real-life narrative to your product or service. Whether you are a B2B or B2C company, Case Study Videos provide an opportunity to show your customer using your product, exploring how it addresses their unique needs and improves their business.


Case Study Videos can also be positioned as User Stories, Impact Stories or Testimonials and if you want to engage and inspire Recruitment, your 'customers' 

are your employees. Let them tell the story. 


Regardless of name, this style of video serves the purpose of letting your customer do the talking in a way that feels authentic and honest.


The focus is on the viewer and their needs—not the product.

The features and benefits of the product take a backseat to the larger impact you make upon the lives of your customers. If your product saves time, what value does that extra time bring? If your product makes them feel safe, how does that safety affect their family life? When your customer tells how your product solves an emotional need, we see the values of your brand woven into the context of real human experience.


When viewers witness these universal emotional needs on screen, they will identify with your customer on a deeper level because they have a shared experience. When they identify with your customer, they become part of the story.


That story is your brand story.



​Your customers will understand that you are able to solve their specific emotional needs.

Kwikset: Made for the World You Live In, feat. Martha + Alex of Hunter Road Homes 


​You will have well-produced brand stories that reflect your values and show your impact in the world, creating brand life both internally and externally.

Sagamore Rye Whiskey: My Maryland Story influencer video featuring musician Jenny Leigh


​You leverage the 'holy grail of advertising' which is testimonial from a trusted friend, allowing your customers to speak to your brand in their own words.

Newhouse School at Syracuse University: The Road Map to Success, feat. Bob Bierman of the Washington Post


Your sales people have emotionally-driven content that allows prospects to see themselves within the world of your brand story.

Paymo: Growth By Design, Feat. Andrew  + Jenn Nicholas of Pixel Parlor