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'I'm making a big impact on people's lives with something as simple as a little vacation'

Can a vacation transform?

When Jimmy Greenfield asked us to create a video for his Tulum based eco-luxury resort Casa de las Olas, we knew it had to be different than a typical resort 'features and benefits' style video. His place is truly special and unique, but more than that, Jimmy is Olas and the experience he gives his guests was the story we had to share.

We spent the first two days getting to know him, his place and his guests (tough job!). We soon realized that there was a magic to Jimmy and to the slice of Tulum that he was sharing with us. Our experience and this place actually changed us and based on the awards he has received since our visit, he's changed others as well.

One long format video for web (2:30)

Six short format for Instagram (:15)

the deliverables

Casa de las Olas

Casa de las Olas

Video Performance

56K+ views

According to Vimeo stats. Mostly unpaid, limited advertising and exposure. Highly shared and viewed on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

25% increase

in booking. At high season they reported full capacity throughout and record sales numbers.

50% better

response rate to PR hits and b2c marketing materials because of the video. Direct correlation of sales to video performance.

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